Always a great experience. Simply the best - efficient, friendly and an all-round excellent service....
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19 hours ago
Quick delivery of a professional product including freebies, I rate it 10 out of 10. I will certainl...
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1 day ago

product design, guidance and packaging is great. very easy to follow.

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1 day ago
All products have been absolutely awesome so far, and their customer service is super friendly! I'm ...
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TINY world of magic

Produced under ISO-4 Laminar Air Flow

We use the best equipment in our farm Lab

From $10.15

Microscopy Spores

Exotic Spores


The Finest grow kit, anywhere

For beginners and amateurs

From $43.49

What happened to the MycoBox?

Cylocybe Special MycoBox Grow Kit was the UK’s favourite for many years.

We had an IP claim recently on the name ‘MycoBox’ which you can read about here!

But, this isn’t about that..

It’s easy to change the name to something even better, like ‘CyloBox’.

But what’s the point?

The truth is, we know our hugely successful kit was obsolete as soon as we launched our new Cylocybe MonoBox grow kit earlier this summer.

Cylocybe MonoBox is harder to contaminate, much faster, easier and even makes G2G or Agar transfer techniques possible for when you’re ready to level up!

There’s a reason why our new kit has been selling like hot cakes all summer, it’s our best grow kit yet and the one we’ve been working towards for years.

Cylocybe MonoBox is the true way forward for our customers 1st, 2nd and 10th experience growing mushrooms 🙂


Welcome to a new generation of speed, reliability and quality


Spawn and Substrate

Multigrain SpawnTub™

From $26.10

Spawn and Substrate

Wholegrain SpawnTub™

From $23.20


Our monotub-killer is now available as a stand-alone product

Spawn and Substrate

MonoBox XXL


Do it yourself?

Learn how to make and sterilise 8 grow kits in your own kitchen.


Incubate kits in the mid 20’s without the insane energy bills






SAB. Incubator. Heated Fruiting Chamber. Lighting and more…




Prints for Vouchers

If you are interested in producing your own spore prints, it’s easy.

Click to learn more…

spore prints for vouchers

Looking for more?

We also cater to the more DIY cultivators

We started a new blog

Some articles may be interesting to you folks