Another Bank Bites The Dust!

Written on August 6th, 2021

Our TSB Business Bank is down

Cash and Crypto is available, as ever.

What happened?

We’re unsure – TSB haven’t told us why. At least when this happened with Royal Bank of Scotland last year, they gave us a month’s notice. TSB have gone the PayPal route – no warning, sudden block in or out, no reasons, no time-frame for answers, just that “it won’t be within the next few days…” All we know for sure right now is that about 80 orders were placed through Banking and none of them went into our account when we went to process orders earlier today.

I made a bank payment… what happened to it?

First off, don’t panic. The representative at the bank assured us that 9 times out of 10 it won’t have even left your account. So just take a look. And for the others which have left accounts, those payments will automatically be returned very quickly (today or tomorrow hopefully).

Can I still make an order?

Excellent! We’re itching to get orders out. Simply go through checkout and select Cash or Crypto. Cash and Crypto orders receive surprise freebies in case you were wondering.

But why is this affecting you and not x, y, z… ?

Every similar business in the UK is vulnerable to this. We’ve just been going longer than them, that’s all.

What we really suspect is going on?

If you read our last blog post, we go in to detail about issues like this. No point repeating them. It’s just the way it is – our financial institutions have more power than they deserve, that’s for sure. We are proud of our business, our friends and family are proud of us and what we do too.

Will we survive?


We learned long ago that there were quite a few tadgers out there (sorry, bit of Scottish slang there), but that’s what backup plans are for. Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Even if our business makes dramatically less orders and thus less money every day, it just means quicker dispatch for you guys and an easier life for us with an extra day or two off each week. Sounds kind of sweet actually 😀

Have a lovely evening folks and sorry for any stresses this may have caused you!